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Find My Car

Finding the Make and Model
If you don't know the make and model, the easiest way is to open the driver door and look at the information there.  Usually you will find extensive information including make, model, year etc, etc.  Older cars may get difficult, try the door, then maybe the manual, or sometimes the inside of the hood or trunk.  Give us a call or email if you're not sure.

Finding the Year
If the year is not listed on the inside of the drivers door, you can check the VIN (Vehicle Identification number).  This is the number located usually on the dashboard, visible only from outside the vehicle. (Look at the dashboard on the driver's side standing next to the side mirror)

From 1980 on, The tenth number/letter(10) indicates the model year.

M = 1991
N = 1992
P = 1993
R = 1994
S = 1995
T = 1996
V = 1997
W = 1998
X = 1999
Y = 2000
1-9 = 2001-2009
It starts over at A in 2010

If you're curious the first number is the country, the second is the manufacturer, 3-7 is the type including style, engine, body and transmission.  8 is the make.  The rest is a serial number.  I, O and Q are omitted because they look like letters.

Please note that these are for cars originally sold or made for the US only.  Each country is different.  Before 1980 the third or sixth digit represented the year, but was not consistent or  accurate. 

You will also find half year models, and older cars where the same make, year and model had different parts (usually due to availability).  Meridian designates half year parts with a /month. For example 91/7 -99 means after July 91 through 99.   If you're not sure, give us a call or email.   





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