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Can I Install this Myself?

  • Yes, you can.  Installing racks, pumps or gearboxes requires no special tools.  You should have some experience with cars, and a full set of standard tools for your vehicle.    

  • The estimated time for most racks and gearboxes is about 2-4 hours.  You should leave yourself about 4-5 hours to install most racks or gearboxes.  This is very dependent on the vehicle.  Newer vehicles, or very compact vehicles take longer to complete because it is harder to get to the part.  

  • You will generally need to jack up the car on both sides, so you should have two floor jacks.

  • We highly recommend you obtain a guide book for your specific vehicle to assist you in the installation.  This is crucial to completing the job in the right amount of time. 

  • Be sure to check other components of the steering system such as the hoses and the pump.  These parts should not need to be replaced during a rack or gearbox installation unless the visibly look bad or seem to be causing additional problems.

  • Bleeding, Flushing and checking the fluid is crucial to the process.  Deterioration due to bad fluid is far and away the number one cause of steering problems.  We will include some basic instructions for this. 

  • Having the car aligned following installation is a personal decision.  You may need to drive the car a little and determine for yourself if that is needed.   There is no right decision. 

  • We do not have guide books or provide support for the actual installation.  We can help you troubleshoot if you are having problems.  The guide book should cover everything you need. 





Can I buy from you and have a Mechanic or Shop Install?

  • Yes, most mechanics will install parts that you buy other places, you just have to call them first to make sure. 

  • We recommend that you call about 3 shops and get their estimate of the time and their shop rate.  This will give you an idea of what is reasonable.  Times may vary depending on whether they are adding an alignment, you may want to ask.  

  • Be wary of mechanics that start to compete in prices to get you to buy theirs.  Like all of us, they have access to very poor quality parts and will often install those parts just to get you to buy from them.  Every part we sell is the highest available quality at wholesale prices.  

  • We can ship straight to your Mechanic to save time and avoid the hassle of having to be home for UPS.

  • Unfortunately we cannot recommend mechanics for liability reasons.



Feel Free to call or email with further questions.  







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