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Spec. Sheets
1965 - 1970 Ford Steering Gear Boxes. Ford Mustang, Cougaar, Comet, Fairlane, Falcon, and Montego Steering Gearboxes.

Manual to Power Steering Gearbox Conversion Kits
We now carry kits to convert Manual Steering Gearboxes to Power. 
Power Steering Conversion

Vega Hot Rod Boxes
We now carry brand new Vega Hot Rod Boxes Check out our New Vega Steering Boxes

Rack and Pinion Conversion

We now carry rack and pinion conversion kits. Rack and Pinion Conversion kits


Performance Steering Parts and Modification

The Steering Store has a variety of performance steering parts for your steering needs.  We can build custom quick ratio steering gearboxes with tight lock to lock ratios, or supply the parts for your modification project.  Unfortunately we do support the modification in terms of installation, but we do carry an excellent selection of parts to meet your needs.    


Power Steering Conversion

If you are looking to switch from Manual Steering Gearbox to Power.  Visit our Power Steering Conversion Page to see our products.  

If you are looking to put a Power Rack and Pinion in place of a Manual Rack you will need to do a number of things, it is not an easy changeover.  You need to buy a power steering pump, find a place and a bracket to mount the pump, check for an available pulley to power the pump, purchase the hoses, and ensure that the steering linkage and suspension can handle it. 

If you are ready to go forward, you can locate your pump and rack in the catalog and purchase it or call to order.  Please note that you will lose some of the rack core deposit because you are returning a different part.  You will lose all of the pump core deposit because you are not returning a core.

Switching to Manual Steering
If you are looking to put a Manual rack/gearbox in place of a power steering rack, please find your part in the catalog.  Please be aware that you may lose your core deposit, or be only credited partial core credit because you are returning a different part.  Warranties are void if the part is not replacing the identical original.

Check out our New Vega Steering Boxes

Quick Ratio Steering Gear Boxes

If you have an vehicle with a steering gear box and would like a quick ratio steering box, we can usually custom build these for you.  It depends on the make and suspension of the vehicle.  The performance boxes are usually a little more expensive that the traditional box but can provide you with that 'sporty driving feel' that you are looking for.

Adding/Switching to Rack and Pinion Steering

Visit our new Rack and Pinion Conversion kits section, for our new selection of conversion kits.  If you are looking to add rack and pinion steering to car that is not on our list, you will need to determine which rack you need first.  This is a major undertaking because you will be replacing the most of the steering and suspension linkage.  We can fax a rack and pinion specification sheet for a small fee.  We do not have 'Kits'.  We do not provide support for this modification but will be able to sell you the rack and pump that you need. 


Feel free to email us with further questions.   


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