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The Steering Store - Car steering rack and pinion and steering gearboxes.
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The Steering Store
Company Policies

Core Policy
Please Visit our Core Policy Page.

Payment and Security Policy

Please Visit our Payment and Security Page.

Pricing Policy
The Steering Store actively works to be aggressive in pricing.  You might find it for a few bucks cheaper, but its really not cheaper if you have to reinstall the part because it is defective.  Defective rates in the remanufactured industry often run at 60% or higher for some companies. 

The Steering Store is a leader in quality control to ensure one of the lowest defect rates in the industry.  We guarantee our products and offer a limited lifetime warranty.  You will not find a better quality part anywhere.    

There is a difference in the quality of remanufacturing.  Would you drive a Mercedes with a Yugo engine? Would you really want to put a Kia part in a BMW?  We do not either and that is why our quality is unmatched.  Those cars are very inexpensive because the parts inside are so poor.  The same is true in replacement parts.  Do not buy junk, it's just not worth it.    

Used parts are stripped from junk yards and often have internal damage.  The car is in the junk yard because it was in a serious accident or is very old.  Either from the accident or from age, the interior parts could be severely damaged.  They may offer a warranty, but that does not cover the cost and time of installation.  

If you do find it cheaper, give us a call.  We cannot always match prices because certain brands are so poor, but we always try.  We will always work to give you a good deal.  

Warranty and Return Policy

The Steering Store offers a limited a full warranty on all parts sold unless otherwise noted.  See the full warranty and returns page.

Shipping Policy
Please read about our shipping policy under the shipping tab.

International Policy

The Steering Store does not currently support products shipped outside the US.  We will ship products but do not cover return shipping on product defects.  Shipping charges are significantly higher.  Please note that customer service is only in English.  

Partners, Resellers, Affiliates, and linking Policy

The Steering Store has built a reputation for quality and availability that is unequaled in the steering components industry.  If your company is interested in accessing these services to offer to your customers or to increase the depth of your site.  Please email us to arrange this, ATTN: Partnerships.  

If you are interested in linking to us, visit our links page.

Tax Policy

All orders shipped to California addresses are taxed at 8%.  All other orders are tax exempt.  Dealers and auto professionals see dealers page.

Privacy Policy

The Steering Store follows a strict privacy policy and all information will remain confidential.  We do collect consumer data and use cookies, strictly to increase our level of service to the customer.  We do not sell customer data.

Terms of Use

The Steering Store is not responsible for errors or omissions.  Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.  Any reproductions without our expressed written consent is unauthorized.     

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The Steering Store