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At The Steering Store we only sell the highest quality steering box.  We sell both New and Remanufactured.  Using the power of the internet we are able to bring them factory direct to you at wholesale prices and save you a great deal of money.

We know there is a choice out there, and even cheaper aftermarket suppliers of steering Box, but if you have to install it a few times, it is just not less expensive in the wrong run.  We find the best value for you, so you can be sure you are getting a great deal. 

When we sell remanufactured steering box, it has been thoroughly rebuilt.  Each part has been gutted and gone through it tooth and nail.  Anything that does not meet the highest standards is thrown out, including questionable cores.  It is then rebuild with the best available seals, bushings, bearings and even gears.  Before any part is shipped, it is double tested on both air and hydraulic machines.  This enables the rebuilder to catch leaks, binders and every other problem before it leaves the shop.  No one else has standards this high.     

We know that the steering box we sell you are going to work the first time.  This is why we can afford to put full warranties on all of our parts.  Most steering racks have 3 year or better warranty and all steering box have at least a 1 year or better warranty.  If your part fails during the course of that warranty we will ship you out a no charge replacement, we even pay for shipping!*  Only those of us who know what we are doing can afford to do that!

From our remanufacturer. . .

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The high quality of our steering box starts with the high quality components we use. Every gearbox we receive is cleaned and carefully inspected. If any parts of the steering box show signs of impact damage, the entire core is scrapped. We do not reuse any parts from impact damaged cores. Any metal or 'hard' parts that show signs of wear are also thrown out. All seals, bushings, and bearings regardless of their condition are replaced with very highest quality parts available. Only parts that have passed intense scrutiny go on to be remanufactured. The steps we take before the remanufacturing process begins may be a little extreme but we think you'll appreciate the difference it makes on the parts we sell and ensure that your steering box will be of the highest quality.  

Many steering box look the same on the outside but have subtle differences on the inside. We maintain a massive proprietary database to keep track of the different parts and variations of parts. Coupled with our knowledgeable staff, it helps ensure the Gearbox we send to you will not only bolt up correctly but also feel right when you drive. We stock steering box for early model cars, late model trucks and everything in between. For those 'hard-to-get' steering box that are not on our shelf, we can offer to remanufacture your existing steering box with a very quick turn-around time. In most cases we are able to remanufacture and ship rebuildable Steering box less than 24 hours after we receive them.

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