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Product Terms

Rack and Pinion Steering 
A type of lightweight steering gear that uses a worm-like gear (the pinion) to drive a horizontal bar (the rack). The primary advantage of rack & pinion steering is that it is lightweight and uses fewer parts than a reciprocating ball steering gear.

Recirculating Ball Steering (Steering Gear Box) 
Definition: A type of steering gear normally used with a parallelogram steering linkage. So named because of the ball bearings that are recirculated in the gear box between the worm and sector gears to reduce friction.



Terms used in Product Descriptions

Half Year Models/  Products with a /7 in them.
Many Steering parts in cars were changed during the production year.  The Steering Store designates these parts with a /month. For example 91/7 -99 means after July 91 through 99.  You will also see half year models designated as '89.5.'  Please call if you are not sure, we are always happy to help.

Performance vs. Standard Parts
Many car manufacturers used different steering parts depending on the 'package' the car came with.  These are usually not interchangeable so be sure to find the one that matches your car.  If you are not sure, give us a call, we may have more notes that will help you locate your steering rack or gearbox.  

Power vs. Manual
Steering parts are different if the car is Manual or Power Steering.  You will need to know this before ordering.  Please differentiate this from Manual / Stick shifting and Power / Automatic shifting (Transmission).  Sometimes the part is different depending on the shifting so be careful.  Be sure to pick the one that matches your car.  All parts are power steering unless otherwise noted.    

2WD vs. 4WD
Some parts are different if the car is 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive.  You will  see these often market as 4WD/4X4 or 2WD.  Please be sure to choose the right part.   

Engine Size
Many of our parts are affected by the car engine size.  Sometimes it is as easy as a 6 cylinder vs. an 8 cylinder engine.  At times, however, it is affected by liters, i.e. 3.0 liter vs. the 3.8 liter.  Please be sure to check your engine before you order.

Speed Proportional Steering
Many of our parts are affected by whether or not the car has Speed Proportional Steering.  This is a feature where the car gives more or less assist depending on the speed of the vehicle.  Please be sure to check before you order.  Manufacturers each have their own term for them. Some of the common ones are; Variable Assist, Solenoid, Servotronic, Parameter Steering, Speed Sensitive Steering and Magna Steer

If you have any questions on the above parts, please call or email and we can help you out.






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